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I'm looking for a quote. I am positive that it's in a Bridgerton book but I can't remember which one exactly and of course all I remember is the quote itself and not which character says it.

I suck as a JQ fan, I know.....

Anyway...it had to do with the main male character thinking about how dim some debutantes can be, particularly the one girl he tried talking to about the weather. He said something along the lines of "the weather is very inclement today." and the girl responded, "i wouldn't know i've never been to clement."

and he of course face palmed or at least their version of face palming and I rolled laughing.

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It's Anthony, in TVWLM
thank you!
Now I need to reread TVWLM.... lol. I've missed Anthony.
Thank you!! I need to reread that book too. Except I'm in Austin and most of my JQ collection is at home. :(
Aww, buy the ebook?