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fic: chase the glowing hours (colin/penelope) [01 Jan 2010|01:38pm]

Title: Chase the Glowing Hours
Author: empressearwig
Pairing/Fandom: Colin Bridgerton/Penelope Featherington; Julia Quinn - Bridgerton Series
Rating: G
Word Count: 2000
Disclaimer: I own nothing, this is all for fun. I am not Julia Quinn. Etc.
Summary: Five times Colin Bridgerton asked Penelope Featherington to dance.
Author's Notes: Written for anenko for Yuletide 2009. Thanks to lapiccolina and leobrat for the help.

[chase the glowing hours]
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Urgent question about "An Offer from a Gentleman" [17 Oct 2009|12:00am]

I originally read AOFAG some 6 years ago and I just re-read it (I've always had a soft spot for it since it was the first Julia Quinn I'd ever read) and after re-reading i realized I hadn't noticed just how awesome it is! I like Benedict much more now that I've re-read the book :) .
Here's my dilemma:


Help? Please?!!!!

(ps: I've been a bit of a lurker here but I'll give a proper introduction once my memory stops being irritating. *growl*)
pps: I think there should be tags in this community :) . Cheers to starting now :) .
edit: are tags disabled?

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[02 Sep 2009|04:35pm]


Here @ smashedpeaches
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Can we discuss the deliciousness that is Harry Valentine? [30 Jun 2009|08:28pm]

From JQ's new novel, What Happens in London. Seriously, I didn't think anyone could top Anthony, but I was wrong.

The book was an A- for me. If you just looked at Harry/Olivia's relationship alone, it's an A+++, but I felt the book was missing a few things, and could have gotten rid of some things too ...
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[13 Mar 2009|11:00pm]


12 Julia Quinn Novels
8 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
6 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
34 Keira Knightley
3 Wallpapers
1 x Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
1 x Brad Pitt
1 x Keira Knightley



More here.

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help! [04 Mar 2009|12:04am]

[ mood | quixotic ]

I'm looking for a quote. I am positive that it's in a Bridgerton book but I can't remember which one exactly and of course all I remember is the quote itself and not which character says it.

I suck as a JQ fan, I know.....

Anyway...it had to do with the main male character thinking about how dim some debutantes can be, particularly the one girl he tried talking to about the weather. He said something along the lines of "the weather is very inclement today." and the girl responded, "i wouldn't know i've never been to clement."

and he of course face palmed or at least their version of face palming and I rolled laughing.


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how do people feel about fanfiction [29 Mar 2008|01:02pm]

Hi everyone!

I'm very new to modern romance novel reading (I spent high school devouring the Regencies and historicals of Georgette Heyer, who wrote from about 1920-1970 and was amazing), and JQ was one of the first authors I checked out based on the inspiring and very amusingly-written bio on her website and a few good reviews. I love her writing in general but I've found her books kind of hit-and-miss with me...I feel like I'm a weirdo because everyone online loves everything Bridgerton but my favourites so far are Minx and How to Marry a Marquis! Don't get me wrong, I like the Bridgertons, just not as much as I like JQ's earlier stuff...

Anyway, because I am so new to all this I'm confused about where to find...information, sort of. So I decided to come straight out and ask, how do you guys as fans feel about fanfiction for romance novels, and JQ's in particular? I know there's not much out there, and I think that's because in general romance novelists try to tie up their stories and leave everyone feeling satisfied. And since JQ specifically writes linked books, we can often catch up with her idea of what her characters are doing, which further reduces the desire for fanfiction.

But, uh...I've sort of started writing alternate endings for Minx and Romancing Mr. Bridgerton and...I'd really like to share at least one of them. Do you all think that would be appropriate for this community, or do you know if there's somewhere else online that I could post them where JQ readers would find them, or is it best if I just keep it to myself?

I know the JQ BB has a fanfic section, but it seems mostly centred around drabble contests which are mostly participated in by Eloisa James' fans.

Anyway, I'd really like to hear your thoughts on this! :)
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[04 Mar 2008|12:23am]

[ mood | relaxed ]

The cover for The Lost Duke of Wyndham has been posted. It's very different in that it includes real life models. I like it; it makes the book look very sophisticated. I think that the female model looks very much like Claire Forlani.

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Can anyone recommend... [22 Feb 2008|04:18pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

Authors similar to Julia Quinn?
Or any other great historical romances?


I've recently finished The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever and On the Way to the Wedding. I've read most of the Bridgerton series, except for It's In His Kiss, When He Was Wicked and The Duke and I because they (and Julia's other non-Bridgerton books, for that matter) are sold out in bookstores in the country. As a matter of fact, Julia Quinn is pretty new here. Groan.

So while I'm waiting for my copies of said books, do you guys know of any other authors like Julia Quinn, or other recommendable historical romances? I've heard that Lisa Kleypas is pretty good. :)

Thanks! :D

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[24 Jan 2008|11:59pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

hello! i've just joined the community - i can't believe that there actually is one! ^_^

my sister and i have started collecting the bridgerton series - only missing the duke and i and it's in his kiss (not available nationwide! T_T)

can anyone tell me about the ebook sequels? how do i read them? is there anyway to read them without having to buy them online? will they never be in print? because that's probably the only way i'll ever be able to read them. XD

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[28 Dec 2007|09:32pm]

131 Icons
+06 Johnny Depp/Tim Burton
+27 Wives & Daughters
+18 Damien Rice (& Lisa Hannigan)
+33 Romance Covers (credit)
+11 One Tree Hill Promos
+29 Gossip Girl Promos/Blair
+07 James McAvoy

+ rulesand info
+ comment and credit intracutaneous @ affairedevanite, please.
+ resources


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Secret Diaries [10 Jul 2007|09:01pm]

I bought The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever last week and had it finished in two days.  I had hoped that at least one of the Bridgertons would make a surprise guest appearance.  It's been a while since I read the Duke and I but I think Simon appears, at least in title during one of the balls.  Has anyone else read it?  I'm surprised that it's been out for a couple weeks now and I'm the first to post about it.
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[10 May 2007|02:27am]

Don't know if anyone's been to Julia's website lately but the layout has changed. And she added a section where she lists what songs she listened to while writing each book. Very entertaining especially when she says that if they lived in modern times Colin would totally be a Deadhead which oddly enough, I can picture. Haha...I could totally see him being the kid that smoked pot and sat in a circle with Foreman, Kelso, Fez and Hyde.
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[26 Apr 2007|08:05pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hello all. You are used to seeing me as tribalkittykat but today I am penelope_f I have joined the lj community theatrical_muse and was accepted as Penelope Featherington. Basically, you apply as a character from basically anything and you post an entry on the one question that is asked each week and answer it as that character. My first entry is up if you'd like to read it. Please friend me! It'd also be fun to have another JQ charrie to talk to. If anyone chooses to do this, let me know! The rules and how to apply are on theatrical_muse's website. If you check their user info it is there! My Penelope is still single, so she shall be pining!

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[20 Apr 2007|09:03pm]

+ 14 Julia Quinn (Anthony, Benedict, & Colin) in a post with 91 icons.

Please credit crazy_in_lost @ affairedevanite, thank you.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

where are you now?


In other news, do you know that JQ has a new board up? She shares it with Eloisa James. http://eloisajames.net/board/index.php

She said hi to me on there! *my life is complete*
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More Updates! [01 Mar 2007|03:56pm]

"JQ posts the gorgeous new US and UK covers for her next novel, The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever. > And, The Bridgertons are coming back in two new 2nd Epilogues. Get the details!"


"Play the new contest and you could win a prize you don't want to miss."

All at your favorite place in the world: http://juliaquinn.com/
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Updates [25 Feb 2007|09:47pm]

Greetings from Sayulita, Mexico!

The next two epilogues will be for ROMANCING MR. B and WHEN HE WAS WICKED. I'm just about done with RMB, and partway done with WHWW.

No spoilers, but the RMB epi takes place during Eloise's wedding. So it's only a few weeks after the end of the book, which is different than most of the rest of the epis. But everyone wanted to see Eloise's reaction to you-know-what, so that's what I wrote!


Source: the author herself @ http://www.booktalkauthors.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4781
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[19 Jan 2007|01:55pm]

Hi. :) So, I guess this is the place if you're a simon fangirl?
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[16] Icons [26 Dec 2006|11:14am]

[01-16] Julia Quinn

+ read the rules
+ credit intracutaneous at affairedevanite


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about Arabella Blydon [11 Dec 2006|04:00pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hi everybody!, I just want to let you know I joined this fine community a few days ago, I absolutely adore Miss Julia Quinn. I'm reading her books in order (the order she gives in her website) I am reading An offer from a gentleman, wonderful book !!!!. Anyways, I have a question: Does Belle Blydon have kids? Julia writes about her cousin and Henry having them but there is nothing about Belle having any babies.

I guess I am worried , hehe....

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